• How to navigate the site?-

    The essence of navigating the catalog is ease of navigation and the ability to register companies yourself and announce your needs. You can search for companies in many ways depending on your needs. We can search for companies by industry and in selected geographical areas. We can limit the geographical search criteria to a selected country, voivodeship and district, as well as a selected town within it. At the top there is a division into industries, and underneath - in the central part of the page - we can navigate and set the geographical level where we want to find the company we need.

    A search on the site map will show us the company's address with all the details and its active website. On the right side of the map at the bottom, you can select and enlarge the region you are interested in. The divisions of industries into levels I, II, III result from the logic of their classification. I level - defines the main industry, II level - defines the sub-industry, III level - defines the detailed industry. This use of industry division allows you to classify every company operating on the market. If it is impossible to classify the business profile of a specific company, please contact us by e-mail: office@GoAndGet.eu in order to find a new classification place together.

  • I want to appear in the GoAndGet catalogue, how to do it?+

    We provide you with a tool for self-registration and selection of the type of entry depending on the scope of functions it will fulfill. The description of the functions of each type of entry and advertising can be found in the registration template. All sent content is read and activated by the administrator. Entries on the website are placed in alphabetical order. You can add one entry in a maximum of three industry categories.

  • I don't have a logo or banner. How to do it?+

    For this purpose, we have created an INDIVIDUAL ENTRY, as part of this service, we make graphic design from the materials sent by you.